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Maintener Joe
Status Done
Tags bank, account, money
Progression 0

Joe has opened an account at RecordBank, this account allows domiciliations and a credit card for netPayments.

As we don't have a president and a secretary, all administrators have to identify themselves at RecordBank.

This is done for : François Pönsgen, Laurent Peuch, Cédric Ternon and Wannes De Smet and André Loconte.

At time of writing, there is still a problem with the registration of Olivier Meunier.

The previous bank account at bPost is unblocked since 03/01/2014, we may make and receive payments with it.

We should allow Wannes to have access to the bank accounts.

Those people have successfully identified themselves at the bPost bank, CedricT will manage to correct the users of the account and the address of neutrinet at bPost (was av. Floridienne).

-> 14/03/14 : CedricT has been to bPost, the adress will be corrected, a form will be sent to neutrinet @ Bram's house to change the users.

-> 27/03/14 the document is not yet received @ bPost, seems to have lost it

bPost phone : 02 2012345 bPost fax - personnes morales : 02 2764679

-> 27/03/14 : I'll send it by fax this time

Accounts :

bPost bank: IBAN: BE51 0003 2598 4462 / BIC: BPOTBEB1

recordBank (not yet active): IBAN: BE52 6528 3497 8409 / BIC: HBKABE22


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Task name Priority Status Assigned to
Tache:Olme should identify at record 1 Todo Olm
Tache:Alct should identify at record 1 Todo Alct

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