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Structure of the network :

proposal :

user -- wifi router ~~ wifi router ~~ .. ~~ wifi router -- fiber router -- vpn server -- internet
|              |_ _ _ _ _ open network _  _ _ _ _|                               |
|_____________________encrypted connection_______________________________________|

fiber link

acces to a backbone with fiber link

TO-KNOW : what type of connection do we need ? eg. what specification do we ask to providers for the link ?

provider of connectivity in Brussels : (to see - seems limited to general inet connectivity, not resseling BW )

B-Telecom/Syntigo (filliale SNCB) (no IPV6 apparently :/)

Numericable black fiber:

Points of Presence / datacenter :

--> sent an email/contact info request to Syntigo and Numericable for a 100Mb/s connection between an adress in Bxl (where we have easy acces to one of the nodes of bombolong network) and a PoP (Diegem, Zaventem, Evere or a BGC PoP in 1000 bxl) : waiting for answer

wifi network

the ideal solution would be a mesh network based on Babel/AHCP routing/adressing protocol.

The mesh configuration permit the relay of the network structure and it's extention without problem.

actual usage and material : ex: link of ~2 km without direct view (using fresnel) at 8Mb/s effective data transfer rate with 2 ubiquiti nanostation M5 (~140€ of material)

test to do : mast with 3 nanstation M5 as omni directional retransmitter

to follow : workshop in paris 19-21/07/2013 around babel protocol

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