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Please note that this is a translation and that the original French version shall prevail.

Members of the Board

Alternate member

Article 1. The Organization bears the name : Neutrinet (NPO)

Article 2. Its registered office is located at 31 Nieuwenhove Street, in the jurisdiction of Uccle (1180 Brussels Belgium).

Article 3. The minimal amount of members is set at 3.

Article 4. The Organization aims at maintaining, developing and promoting the use of information exchange networks, in accordance with the principle of network neutrality and defense of human rights, notably the rights to freedom of speech, access to information and respect for privacy by supporting and empowering both individuals and communities.

Article 5. A member is every natural or legal person admitted as such by the Board and up-to-date with the payment of their membership fee.

Article 6. Membership is lost by:

  • non-payment of the membership fee;
  • death of the natural person or dissolution of the legal person;
  • exclusion ruled by the Board

Article 7. Following votes are excluded: blank votes, null votes and abstentions.

Article 8. The term of a member of the Board extends over one year and can be revoked at any moment by the General Assembly.

Article 9. §1. At the establishment or renewal of the Board, the General Assembly shall appoint among the members of the Board, an alternate member and a treasurer.

§2. The treasurer keeps the books or have it kept under his/her supervision for the Organization. He/She collects revenues and makes any payment approved by the Board.

§3. When the vacancy of a member of the Board is found, the member is replaced for the duration of the vacancy by the alternate member. The members shall be notified of the substitution by the Board.

Article 10. Delegations as part of the daily management of the Organization, as well as representative tasks last at the latest until the renewal of the Board, and can be revoked at any time.

Article 11. The ceiling of the membership fee is set at five thousand (5,000) euros per year.

Article 12. In case of dissolution by the General Assembly, one or more liquidators are appointed by it. Assets, if any, are vested by this assembly to one or more associations having a similar purpose or any social or cultural organization of its choice.

Article 13. Internal rules of procedure are established by the Board and shall be approved by the General Assembly. These rules are intended to regulate various elements not covered by the statutes.

Article 14. The fiscal year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.